Robots are cool, but drawing young professionals to state even cooler

AMHERST – Although its Amherst plant bristles with robots, computer boards and mathematical formulas, the most exciting thing at MobileRobots for a certain segment of New Hampshire economic advisers might be people like Lauren Bucher. Bucher is a 20-something who moved to New Hampshire with her husband from the Silicon Valley headquarters of Adept Technology, the firm that bought MobileRobots in 2010. She’s here in the communications department partly because she thinks New Hampshire a nicer place to live and partly because the moving robot being created here is more intriguing than the fixed industrial robot arms that are the heart of Adept’s West Coast presence.
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  • Daniel Batal

    New Hampshire is a WONDERFUL place to live! I’ve been working int the remodling & home improvements field out here for almost 30 years. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.