Dyn Hosts First Annual Thought Leader Council Meeting

Dyn (formerly Dynamic Network Services Inc.), a world leader in managed DNS and email delivery, welcomes its Thought Leader Council (TLC), a diverse group of industry professionals and clients, to share perspectives on Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service; how it helps them do their job, what additional problems it can solve and what future innovations would be relevant to their business.

This will be the first time the group (with members from around the world) assembles in person to discuss these initiatives. Dyn’s new corporate headquarters in Manchester, NH, will serve as the home base for the day of meetings.

The TLC was formed in 2009 – an initiative that grew out of Dyn’s desire to stay closely connected to enterprise clients and scale with them. It was initially dubbed a “sounding board and a launching pad.” Dyn has a strong focus on customer relationships and values feedback and insight to direct the future of its technology offerings and overall business growth.

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